Doggy Date Night

Joe's Bar has weekly dog happy hours

If you're single and wanting to put yourself out there to meet other singles, but hesitant because the current love of your life – Murphy – will be neglected if you abandon him one too many nights, then the Doggy Happy Hour on Joe's outdoor patio is for you.

Bring good old Murph along between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Wednesday nights, and he can do a little romancing (ahem, doggy-style) himself, while you scope out the human counterparts.

Enjoy $5 Coors Light pitchers and $5 16-ounce lemonade vodkas while the canines dig into treats and water provided by the bar.

Different dog boutiques, vendors, shelters and trainers will be on hand each week to help break the ice for both humans and dogs alike, and a different dog movie (think '101 Dalmations,' 'Lady and the Tramp,' etc.) will be featured on the 20-foot patio jumbotron.

So when the part where the dogs slurp the spaghetti and kiss when they snag the same noodle appears on the screen, perhaps it will set the mood… for you and for Murph.

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