Dancin' Durbin?

Dance Friday was a good time this morning. A little bit of everything behind the scenes though. We almost booked our most prestigious guest ever! But then he had to go.

Senator Dick Durbin (D) was invited to stay after his conversation with Rob and Zoraida at 6:30 this morning. As I heard him get mic'd up, he said he was ready for the "dance contest" and I didn't put two-and-two together until I figured out who he was. Senator Durbin I've been told has an incredible memory, so it made sense that if he stumbled upon our weekly goofiness then he'd maybe find a way to join in.

The subject matter was serious though. Ted Kennedy's death, the health care legislation that's pending, etc. The mood might not have been right, that or he had to go to his interview with our friends at FOX. I don't know how curious he was and who knows, maybe he had no idea about Dance Friday. I couldn't tell you.

In the end, it made me realize that we could use a random guest or two on Dance Friday. Any suggestions? Send them my way.

As for today's song. Loverboy's "Workin' for the Weekend" got a spin. Righthand Man Jim informed me that the group is in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame as of this year!

Every US label rejected them but Columbia Records in Canada signed them and the rest was history. It proves that America can't keep everyone out. Thank you Canada!!

If you want to see Dance Friday this week, make sure to send an email here and get our web people moving on it already!!

**By the way, did you see that the old post office went up for auction yesterday and we have a winner! Sold for $40 million, but the question remains what do you do with it? Also, what do you call it? What do I call it during travel times? Can you imagine hearing this...

"Ike, 34 minutes from Route 53 into the International Property Developers North America building."

We'll come up with something, but for now, I'm sure I'm going to overthink it a bit.

**Speaking of overthinking. Our teams are set for the NBC 5 Morning News Fantasy Football league. My team name is "Zoraida is not crazy." She's not thrilled with the name, but I'm sticking up for her. (Besides, I'll change the name in 10 days when I get bored or something.) Zoraida's the best and you can print that!

The rest of the league includes Z's son Nico, Rob, Andy, Dominick (our new 6am guy behind the scenes) and a couple others. My team is okay, I have some tidying up to do on the waiver wire, but Rob thinks that I'll over do it and end up losing when I shouldn't.

He's probably right.

**As broadcaster Steve Stone would say, "For all you kids watching at home..." remember not to do anything like this. Jim found this gem, and he asked me for match afterwards (I'm making that up)

**Today on Maury: "The shocking lives of men who were born women!" -- and trust me, they are shocking!

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