Seven Secrets to Looking Good for Less

Tips from the pros

Money Saving Beauty Tips from Makeup & Hair Artist Candace Corey

1. Hair color can be expensive if you do it in a salon but can be needed if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself  but you can still save money between salon visits by using hair cosmetics like Ken Paves Color drops. Pump 1 or 2 pumps in your conditioner or styling products to give your hair the look of salon color without the chance of any damage or added cost.
2. Learn 'when' to cut your cost. If you have to spend big bucks do it on foundation if you can't find you shade in a cheaper brand but save money by using drug store brands for eye shadow, blush and lip color. Drug store brands like Black Radiance may be designed for African American skin tone but all skin tones can use the eye shadows because the pigment is strong like department store brands but cost $5.00.
3. If you love lip gloss by MAC then you will love the look of Wet N' Wild tube lip gloss and you bank account will love it because it is about $2.00
4. To save money people buy in bulk for can do the same with skin care. DDF has 4 items in one set so you not only save money but you have a complete skin regime in place.
5. If you love luxurious face creams look in the drug store. Many brands now have those types of skin care items, like Olay Microscultping Cream , for a fraction of the cost....and they work like the expensive brands.

6. If you use foundation every day and you have to purchase the more expensive brands  try and see if there are extra large sizes. MAC and Make Up Forever carry extra large sizes for professional makeup artist and you can buy them too. The bigger sizes are usually cheaper per ounce then the regular sizes. You might have to go to their web sites to order them.

7. Get "full coverage" or "extra coverage" in your favorite foundation, then mix it with moisturizer right before you apply it to your face. Since it is more concentrated, you will use less product and save money because you don't have to purchase more in a faster time. Just be sure to use a q-tip to remove it from the container so you don't get germs in it and have to replace it quickly.

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