Cuckoo Over Cupcakes?

Local bakery sues baker after she joins competition

In the local news TV business it's not surprising for an anchor or reporter to have a clause in their contract that precludes them from jumping ship to the competition. Note the recent cooling-out period Mark Suppelsa had to take when moving from FOX Chicago to WGN.

Same thing holds true in the technology world. You don't want the dude who knows all the secrets behind the iPod jumping ship to Microsoft without some protection.

But should the same rules apply to a cupcake baker? According to Crain's Taking Names blog, the Gold Coast's More Bakery has filed a lawsuit against baker Melanie Rodewald because she took a job with the newly-opened Sugar Bliss Cupcake Boutique in the Loop.

Sounds like the baking gloves are coming off in this one, as the two sides prepare to batter each other in court. Someone should buy the movie rights and sign Martha Stewart to play the lead.

Click here to read the article on Crain's.

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