Will Cubs Make a Deal? Ask Jim Hendry

Jim Hendry won't let 2008 post season flop change his approach at the trade deadline

Friday's Major League Baseball trade deadline doesn't mean Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry is desperate to make a move. 

Instead, he is listening and watching. 

"Nothing is really happening," Hendry told the media before Tuesday's Cubs game against the Astros.  "The guys in this clubhouse are happy with who we have on the roster."

But those same guys are the ones who were embarrassed in the 2008 playoffs too. 

"I can't let that affect me... we made the changes in the lineup going into the year and it its enough its enough," Hendry said, emphatic he isn't letting the disappointment in the post season affect his decision making before the deadline.

Hendry admits injuries crept up on the Cubs at a position they have the least depth -- third base.  And admits they'd love more -- pretty much like every other team in baseball.

While Aramis Ramirez is back in the lineup for the Cubs at third base, they'll also get a relief from injuries with pitcher Ryan Dempster, returning to the mound Tuesday.

Pitcher Ted Lilly told the media in the clubhouse before the game that his surgery went so well he thinks he is "a week or two away."

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