That's Classic: Cubs Fans Ice Skating at Wrigley

Wrigleyville residents get chance to skate on 'Winter Classic' rink

Cubs fans often dream of being able to walk out onto the field at Wrigley and look up at the fans in the stands.  Some likely imagine the fans chanting their names, or the Cubs grabbing a World Series.  Dreams are part of Cub-dom.

But now, those long-denied dreamers -- at least the ones who live close to the "Friendly Confines" -- can wake up on Jan. 4 and know, that for just $10, they can get onto the field, or in this case, the ice.

The NHL and the Blackhawks have had a plan for Wrigley in the works for some time.  The team will  play a "Winter Classic" between the Blackhawks and Detroit on Jan. 1 on an ice rink temporarily laid on the field for just this purpose.  The Cubs are offering a related event for Wrigley neighbors.

The Cubs sent e-mails to area fans last week announcing a community skate on the hockey rink to be installed for the "Winter Classic."

The Chicago Tribune reported that the skate will take place from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on the Fourth, just before the temporary rink is to be dismantled.

Cubs neighbors will be given a chance to skate in one-hour shifts for $10 apiece, with proceeds benefiting Cubs Care.

The Tribune reports that tickets are likely to go quickly for this chilly event, but the paper offered no further information regarding how the tickets will be sold.

They're calling it the "The Road to the NHL Winter Classic" and it's scheduled to reach Wrigley Field on Tuesday.

The 53-foot NHL Refrigeration Trailer that will make the skating rink for the outdoor game on New Year's Day will roll onto Waveland Avenue at about 1:45 p.m. The trailer will be greeted by Chicago Blackhawks President John McDonough and Blackhawks legend Bobby Hull, who will welcome the NHL to Wrigley Field.

The world's largest mobile rink refrigeration unit, a custom-built trailer that houses the specialized equipment that will be used to make the ice rink at Wrigley Field, has been tested and prepared in Mobile, Ala. 

The trailer departed Mobile on Dec. 8, embarking on "The Road to the NHL Winter Classic."  The rolling tour passed through Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Louisville and Indianapolis before reaching its destination Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

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