Webster Leather Belt

Plus ball and chain accessories and sexy scents


ALL MAN: The Webster Leather belt with unstitched feather edge construction and hand antiqued English brush off leather is quite the statement piece for keeping your pants up. from Cole Haan in dark brown croc, now $45.50. Available at Bloomingdales, 900 N. Michigan Ave or online at Bloomingdales.com

SCENT OF A WOMAN: Take a whiff of Fabrice Penot’s new perfume line, Le Labo, now available at Barneys. If you stop by this Friday, you can also get a chance to meet him and learn all about his “cult based” perfumes. 4-7 p.m. at Barneys; 15 East Oak Street; or online at www.lelabofragrances.com
CLASSY CHICA: Make a statement with a contemporary necklace constructed of large baroque pearls and gold plated chain. The combo of classy olive-colored pearls and sexy chain is the perfect mix of sleek and rock n’ roll for fall. Available at Bourdage Pearls.
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