Crepes: A Perfect Cure for Winter's Cold

La Creperie offers French favorite on North Side

It can be tempting to just hunker down and hibernate during Chicago's cruel winter. But to avoid the inevitable cabin fever, how about a compromise -- hit those places closest to home. You'll be supporting your local businesses, while running (slightly) less of a risk of falling down by not covering as much frozen ground. In just my Lakeview 'hood, there's tons of options. Although the relaxing back patios are uninhabitable this time of year, Duke of Perth, El Nuevo Mexicano, and La Creperie are classic favorites.

La Creperie is a particularly heavenly haven in these depressing winter months. It's an intimate but unpretentious space with fantastic wines and beers, amazing service, and of course, the crepes. Le Creperie has been around since 1972, and during that time has perfected the crepe.

These traditional French crepes are the real deal (but frankly, I wouldn't care if they weren't, because they're so freakin' good!). Don't let the fancy french names like "boeuf bourguignon" fool you; the delicious Savory Buckwheat crepes are as filling and satisfying a meal as your traditional burger -- just far more interesting.

If you think there's just one or two crepe flavors, think again. The variety of unique (and sometimes unexpected) combinations of ingredients are well-tested, and you'll see for yourself once you try. The adventurous can always tweak the ingredients for their own special twist, and the other side of the menu, the sweet dessert crepes, are simply incredible. I think, after having typed this, I may dream about the Banana Sara crepe tonight.

What the heck, even if you don't live in the 'hood, just get in a cab and go! You know it's way more entertaining than sitting in your apartment and watching back-to-back episodes of How It's Made. I mean, seriously.

Laura Lodewyck is a contributer with the NBC Chicago Street Team blog and a correspondent for Nude Hippo TV.

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