Connected World Predicts Future Technology Trends

Connected World Presents Important Trends at the 2014 Auto Show

What if a car could tell a driver that it was sick? The possibility may be approaching sooner than you think.

On Friday  at the Chicago Auto Show, Connected World Magazine presented 13 mega-trends that are based on technology advances.

Peggy Smedley, editorial director of Connected World Magazine and the host of The Peggy Smedley Show, spoke about current technology usages that are predicted to grow such as the merger of voice and vision technologies. also called wearable technology. Smedley said a rising concern is the exponential growth of technology and the lack of human connection. She says technology is replacing roles within the job market at a faster pace leaving low-skill workers without jobs.

Motor vehicles are already able to brake without driver assistance, and maintain control of a vehicle in case a driver falls asleep at the wheel. Vehicles are connected to the new technological devices improving safety, and this will continue. 

The trend of advancing the operating system of a car may bring up a concern about how much a computerized vehicle can handle before it is influenced by distractions.

As devices become more connected, including smartphones, emails, texts and photos personal privacy could become scarce, and information will become more accessible and less controlled.

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