College Students Lobby for Metra Fare Discount

"Student" rate should apply to colleges too, they argue

The Metra trains on any weekday morning are usually full of suitcases and business attire, but there are also plenty of students who commute to their college classes. All those rides back and forth add up quickly, and they aren't very friendly to a student's budget.

Unfortunately, while Metra offers discounted passes to elementary and high-school students, college attendees currently aren't given a similar deal. The Coalition of Chicago Colleges is hoping to change that.

The entirely student-operated group is lobbying for legislation that would give college commuters a discount on Metra fares—40 percent or more, depending on the length of their ride.

Besides, how many elementary students do you know that take Metra to school?

"The only people that would benefit who are in grade school or high school are private school students," one IIT sophomore remarked to the Chi-Town Daily News, noting that most public schools already provide transportation.

Metra has not yet seen the proposal and does not have a formal position on the issue, said Meg Reile, the agency's spokesperson.

"If the legislature passes something like that, we would comply, but as far as having an opinion on it, not really," she said.

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