Parking Ticket Break

Chicago will stop the private firm managing the city's meters from writing parking tickets until problems are fixed, the mayor's chief of staff, Paul Volpe, said at a City Hall press conference.

It's in response to a huge outcry from drivers upset with the city's new parking meter private lease.

Dennis Pedrelli of Chicago Parking Meters (CPM), the firm taking on the private lease, admitted the company is facing "some operational challenges."

"We underestimated the resources," he said. "We are currently suspending writing tickets."

CPM is committed to being responsive to the city's needs, Pedrelli said.

The city is still going to be writing tickets during the break.   In the deal to privatize the meters, the city received nearly $1.2 billion from Morgan Stanley, which controls CPM. 

Any motorist with questions about a meter malfunction can call 877-242-7901 or 312-744- PARK, which operates 24 hours a day.   If you believe you received a parking ticket in eror, the city said you should contest the ticket. 

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