Police Say Man At Obama Home Had Gun

More information is coming in about the man arrested for approaching the security barrier near Barack Obama's Kenwood home this morning. The man (who is black, in his 30's and a convicted felon) was apparently stopped once as he drove his car towards the barrier and had "a rambling conversation with the officer who stopped him." Speculation is that the man may have been intoxicated. After being asked to leave the area, the man did so but later drove back by. The officer stopped him and searched his car where he found a handgun on the floorboard and discovered that the man was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Secret Service spokesman Malcolm Wiley said the man “did not breach any security perimeters” and was a block away from the senator's home. The man did not direct any threats toward Obama, nor did he “utter any threatening language,” Wiley said.

No charges have officially been filed yet, but the man will most likely face unlawful use of a weapon charges.

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