Chicago Olympic Bid Team Suing Owner of


Who owns Currently, MBA student Stephen Frayne Jr., who bought the domain back in 2004. But now the Chicago Olympic bid folk, whose website is currently, and the USOC are suing him, claiming the site belongs to them.

"We certainly see as the logical default domain for our site, and we believe having someone else control it is misleading for people seeking information about Chicago's bid," said Patrick Sandusky, a spokesman for Chicago 2016, a moniker protected by trademark. ..."I can tell you this is absolutely not about free speech, but about the natural domain for our site, and the domain name that is rightfully ours."

Frayne doesn't see it that way. He says he wants to foster "public discussion," and says he isn't interested in selling; he also owns and a bunch of other city/number combos. does make it very clear that it isn't the official site for the city's bid, but going by ICANN standards, it seems like Frayne has an uphill battle. [Trib]

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