Blagojevich Asks Himself “What Would Lou Do?” And Gets Booed


This is one of the more ridiculous things to come out of the mouth of a ridiculous governor (which is saying something): at the Cubs rally yesterday in Daley Plaza, Gov. Blagojevich said:

When you're the executive, you've gotta make decisions and you've got to go through the ups and the downs...Sometimes when I'm arguing with the Legislature, I feel like Lou Piniella arguing with the umpires. Some of the times I have to make decisions as governor, I ask myself, 'What would Lou do?' Then I make some decision.

Right. Because facing a tall stack of federal investigations is just like deciding whether or not to pull a struggling Zambrano for Bob Howry against a potent Brewers lineup with a 4-2 late inning lead.*

And as if Blago hasn't done enough already to piss off Chicago's Most Powerful Sox Fan, who was forced to wear a Cubs hat for the rally, Blago said, "Wouldn't it be great if we played [the White Sox] and the Cubs won?" Holy crap, G-Rod, you are really doing yourself no favors. The best part? The crowd booing Blago. From Time Out's Jake Malooley:

As Blagojevich took the microphone, he asked the blue-clad crowd, “How many of you out there love the Cubs?” Instead of cheers, he was met with a torrent of boos and at least one prominent “Get off the stage!”

It just goes to show, when you're "Public Official A," pandering to the public only goes so far.

* - This brings up an interesting point: would we be better or worse off with Lou as Governor?

Original photo by Genevieve Elise

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