Bensenville Honors Cemetery, Fights Relocation

The residents of Bensenville held a service at St. Johannes Cemetery on Sunday to honor those buried there as they prepare for the relocation of the cemetery due to the ongoing (and oft-delayed) O'Hare Expansion. The 159-year-old cemetery is slated to be relocated to make way for a new runway as part of the expansion. Around 300 people attended the ceremony during which several speakers had to pause due to noise from nearby planes. Joseph Karaganis, the attorney representing the church and cemetery, said, "At the heart of this controversy is the religious belief of the members of St. Johannes that the graves should not be disturbed until the Day of Resurrection." Approximately 1,300 people are buried at the cemetery. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected the church's appeal in May but the case is still being heard in the U.S. Court of Appeals (in Washington, D.C.) and the DuPage County Circuit Court.

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