Albany Park Continues Flood Recovery

It's been almost two weeks since Albany Park (and several other parts of the Chicago Metro Area) suffered from horrible flooding. But the story has already faded from media headlines, even as residents just now begin the hardest part of recovery. One group of Albany Park residents, however, has taken to the Internet to keep others informed. Albany Park Neighbors is a blog that keeps neighborhood residents informed of meetings and other recovery efforts, as well as allowing residents to share their personal story. So if you're from the area or just want to know what's going on as the neighborhood recovers, surf by. Meanwhile, Gov. Blagojevich asked President Bush on Wednesday to declare Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, LaSalle and Will Counties as disaster areas to secure federal recovery funds for those areas.

Got a similar organization for any of the other neighborhoods/communities recovering from the recent flooding? Let us know.

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