Chicago's Not So Jittery

Tampa, Seattle nudge Chi-Town in caffeine race

Good work, Chicago. Maybe you're kicking the ole' espresso/soda/Hershey kisses addiction to the curb.  Well, at least you've knocked it onto the bronze medal pedestal.

According to a survey by Prince Market research,  Chicago places third after Tampa and Seattle when it comes to being the most caffeinated city. 

Tampa, as in Tampa, Florida?  What business do they have drinking so much coffee when they have all of that sunshine? And warmth? (We're not bitter, or anything, but we can at least understand Seattle's ranking with their dreary weather and being the Starbucks birthplace and all…) 

 The Chicagoist points out that in November 2007, Chicago topped the list of  caffeine-o-holic cities, according to a survey by the same Prince Market research.  

But maybe one less latte/Red Bull/pile of chocolate covered espresso beans per week is paying off. 

Oh well.  At least we still hold the crown for being the ''most stressed city.''   That counts for something, right?

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