Chicago’s Most Expensive Condo Up For Sale

Own it now for the low, low price of $14 Million

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If you're looking for that perfect Christmas present for the girl who has everything, look no further: the most expensive condo in Chicago by far has just gone up for sale.

That's right. If you have a spare $14 mil or so just lying around begging to be spent, Bill Wrigley Jr. has the deal for you.

Now you can bathe, lounge, and peer down with disdain on those far less fortunate than you in sheer opulent style.

This isn't a tiny Gold Coast one-bedroom like you may think. The space is truly massive -- with more than 11,000 square feet, including two 1,500 square-foot spaces out on the roof. It also has six garage spaces to park your Porsche collection in safety.

Wrigley's massive penthouse is ripe for development. It's actually three units combined into one on the eighth floor of a limestone building at 65 E. Goethe St. His listing agent told the Tribune the building is extremely prestigious, so you'll have a "who's who" of Chicago as your neighbors. Perfect for the socialite looking to buy her way into the city's cultural elite.

Plus, owning this condo could even help you lose weight! That's right, act now and completely bankrupt yourself, and you'll be forced to go on a diet of Cheeze-Its and water for the rest of your natural life -- guaranteeing you'll shed all that unwanted body fat and muscle in no time flat.

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