Chicagoans’ New Year’s Resolutions

Check out their aspirations, then judge them mercilessly when they fail.

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Singer Matthew Santos: "My resolution for 2010 is to not take the ones I love for granted, to see and feel them deeply, and to be fully present when with them. This is my resolution because I have taken people for granted in the past and it is something that I wish to never do again."
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Chicago Bears defensive tackle Israel Idonije: "In 2010 I would like to be more organized in my personal life. Between football, off the field business, and my foundation, I have a lot going on! I want to make sure I am giving 100% to all I am involved with. I want to grow more sponsorships with my foundation, be a better football player, and to make sure my life after football is secure for me and my family."
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NBC5 Meteorologist Ginger Zee's resolution is to eliminate processed food. "Soooo tough!"
Comedian/writer Robert Buscemi: "I'm sending letters to all the chip makers. I want PLAIN. No vinegar. No BBQ. No sour-cream-n-onion. No cool ranch. No hot chili. No Peruvian pepper or mesquite wood-smoked mayo-laden kettle crisps. Just PLAIN CHIPS. WHY IS THAT SO HARD? It's like trying to find a UNICORN anymore!
Yanina Beccaria, Chicago Blackhawks Ice Crew: "My New Years resolution is to not to wait until the new year to have a resolution. Just do it!"
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Chicago rapper Hollywood Holt: "Last year's resolution was to get famous. Did a pretty good job at that! This year's resolution is to GET PAID! Reason? 'Cause I AINT!"
Chicago lawyer and cable news pundit Tamara N. Holder: "I want to be more 'present,' and appreciate life, my friends, my family and my career a little more. I want to be more content in 2010. Life is short!"
NBC5 reporter Anthony Ponce: "My 2010 resolution is to exercise five times per week. I've completely fallen off the wagon since late October. In fact, I can't even *see* the wagon anymore ..."
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B96 morning entertainment reporter Showbiz Shelly aims to get back on track with her workout plan in 2010. And she really means it this time!
D.C. Crenshaw, host of Gametime Dine: "My New Years resolution is to not make any hardcore resolutions. In my experience, nothing ever seems to go as planned and new things always pop up. I'm just going to adapt and adjust along the way."
Although we might suggest resolving to wear more belts in the new year -- or not -- model Melanie Saldivar, winner of the contest to pose on the Chicago International Film Festival poster, has other 2010 goals. "Be a good friend and listen more. Why? So much good can come if we just listen. Most people will tell you what they need if you just listen."
Red Light Executive Chef Jackie Shen resolves to expand upon her Asian roots and explore the foods of Turkey and India. And continue to to do everything she can to help Friends of Animal Care and Control.
Catie Keogh, co-host of NBC's 24/7 Chicago, wants to spend more time with her family and friends. "Life is short. You have to stop and enjoy it once in awhile."
Trevian Kutti, owner of G'Bani Boutique: "Cut off as many people as you can. You will enter your new year a whole lot lighter! We carry so many people in our lives that deplete us. The sooner we learn that most of the people in our lives are unnecessary, the better."
Telemundo Chicago weather anchor Nelly Carreno is going to learn to salsa dance in 2010 because everyone always assumes she already can and she's sick of standing on the sidelines while everyone else is grooving!
Andrea Metcalf, fitness TV personality: "Journal at least once a week. This helps me keep on track with my goals and reminds me to be grateful. My journaling always starts with the words, I am grateful for..."
Relationship expert Art "Chat Daddy" Sims: "My New Year's resolution is to help others more. Mentoring today's youth is so needed and I enjoy doing it."
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