Forbes Names Chicago Most Stressful City

As you schlep to the train through the foul smelling bus fumes, dodging your fellow man on the sidewalk and stepping over the vagrant individual sleeping outside of the abandoned storefront, try to imagine how anyone could consider Chicago anything less than a veritable paradise in which to live. Cough.

Our fair city was recently slammed by Forbes as being the most stressful city in America. Youch.  Forbes says, ''Chicago's rising unemployment rate, expensive gas, high population density and relatively poor air quality create a perfect storm of stress, according to measures we used to calculate the country's anxiety hot spots."

With press like that, it’s no wonder Chicago real estate transactions are in a serious slump.

But before you call your friend out in LA to see if you can crash in his pad while you try to unload your Wrigleyville condo (LA">LA ranked fourth in Forbes’ stress-race, for the record), remember that the Windy City really does have quite a bit going for it. Unlike New York, this major metropolis has alleys in which to unload your trash. We have a beautiful lakefront with bonafide beaches. And we have great weather, er, about five months out of the year.  Plus, Forbes doesn’t hate on us all of the time. We were ranked 11th for Best Cities for Singles.  Not that 11th place wins a medal, or anything…

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