Chicago Trends for 2010

Experts weigh in on what to expect over the next 12 months.

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Noah Kalina
Chris ForcePublisher & Editor of ALARM Magazine: "2010 will be a great year for new music! Chicago is going to continue to be the best live-music city in the U.S. Lollapalooza ticket sales will reach a historical high this year by committing to a repetitive and unadventurous lineup. Our favorite club in 2010 will be Lincoln Hall. Music fans will start to realize seeing old, reunited bands (like Cheap Trick) is just not fun. They'll turn to new music and be rewarded. Indie music-culture fashion is going to disappear. Hip music kids will wear whatever all the other kids wear."
Maggie and Jennifer Gelber, owners of Fix Boutique: "Fashion for 2010 is going to be comfortable, colorful and '80s inspired. Figure flattering pieces like jeggings (a blend of leggings and jeans) and one shoulder, asymmetrical pieces will push style boundaries, while boyfriend-inspired shirts will leave girls searching for the perfect piece outside of their own closet!"
Mario Tricoci, founder of the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture:
Women: This New Year is all about getting your money's worth, even when it comes to a haircut. With a precise and specific cut, women can get by with going to the salon every 6-8 weeks as opposed to every four. 2010 is all about the natural look, with rich reds and browns as well as subdued natural looking blondes.
Men: The longer look is in with hair hitting just below the ears.
Chicago Sun-Times
Lori Rackl, Chicago Sun-Times Travel Writer: I see travel headed two ways in 2010: The economy will continue to force a lot of folks to focus on budget getaways -- camping trips within driving distance of Chicago, for example, or on vacations with a lot of value built in, like cruises. But those with a little more disposable income will be digging out their dusty passports and traveling abroad for a slew of big-ticket events this year, like the Winter Games in Vancouver, the World Expo in Shanghai, the World Cup in South Africa and the once-every-decade Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany."
Arturo Gomez, President, Rockit Ranch Productions: "This year, guests will be cautiously optimistic. The effect of the economy will have people searching for value-added experiences, but operators will see continually increasing guest counts. As far as hospitality trends themselves, microbrews and small batch beers continue their popularity and whiskies and gins will be everywhere, with vodka falling behind from its pre-eminent position in the cocktail category. Asian and Latin cuisine are where people want to eat now, and that's only going to be expanded upon. Casual, relaxed dining where you aren't emptying your wallet for a night out is not only the way of 2010, but will likely be the preferred dining trend that's here to stay."
Barbie Adler, Owner/President of Selective Search, Inc.: "People have been throwing themselves into online dating and meeting people through sites like Facebook. Social networking is here to stay, but singles are going to start becoming a bit more discreet, and protective of their privacy and safety. Also, because of the economy, singles are becoming more concerned about the substance of their potential mates and not their net worth -- less fancy dinners and big dates and more meaningful outings.
rista Austin Photography
Daryl Hawks, NBC 5 sportscaster: "Chicago gets to celebrate a world championship in 2010! I think all of our sports teams will play better, but only one wins a world title. A little hint -- we share the same name."
Monica Canellis, Realtor, Prudential Rubloff Properties: "At the end of 2009 we saw home sales rise, but prices decline. In 2010, I think we will still see this trend mostly due to low mortgage rates, reduced pricing and an abundance of inventory. The South Loop saw so much growth in the last couple of years with all of its new construction. There are deals to be had, and probably the most amount of inventory you will see in any Chicago neighborhood. I know that several of the newer towers in Museum Park have lowered their prices from the original listing price and some are still available with city and lake views!"
Cannellis continued: "An unfortunate trend that I still think is going to increase are the foreclosures and short sales. It provides some really good opportunities for a buyer that is willing to go through the process. This is happening all over the city and suburbs -- no area seems to be untouched. Because the trends show that 2010 is still going to be a buyer's market, sellers need to realize that their homes are being compared with every other property on the block. Buyers want quality and value. The first impression may be the only impression, so sellers must ensure that they do a walk through of their home with their realtor to ensure they are putting their best "house" forward!"
Jayson Lawfer
Amalie Drury, Editor, CS Magazine's Charity and Social Datebook: "The charity scene in 2010 will focus on making sure the most money possible actually benefits the organizations we're celebrating, rather than wooing guests with over-the-top spectacles. Everyone's looking for ways to make a splash for less, and so, in keeping with a trend that began in 2009, we'll see sleek (read: minimal) flower arrangements; affordable, lower-priced auction items; more chicken (less beef) on dinner menus; and token souvenirs in place of 20-pound gift bags. Supporters don't mind the scaled-down vibe, though, because for the most part, they're committed to the cause over the party. Still, I'm crossing my fingers for an explosion of event-production creativity when the economy finally picks back up. Let's hope this becomes the biggest trend of 2010."
Audarshia Townsend, creator "We're going to continue to see more downscaling of dishes from upscale restaurants and chefs. It started in the latter part of 2009 with new neighborhood- and wallet-friendly restaurants by the likes of award-winning chefs Paul Kahan, Rick Bayless and Bill Kim. Look for an explosion to get folks dining out on the regular again."
John Phelan, Chairman, 2010 Chicago Auto Show: "I think that we'll be seeing more and more alternative fuel vehicles meshed into all manufacturer lines. Hybrids will grow into even more models as confidence and social aspects of owning one grow. Plug-In Hybrids such as the Chevy Volt will start to come on line and demand will far outstrip supply. Look for the "Hybrid Hot Rods" too! Performance-oriented supercars with amazing speed and agility. Hydrogen is the next big step manufacturers will seek to make affordable and desirable."
Andrew Barber, creator of on the local hip hop scene: "Hopefully, 2010 will be the year some of Chicago's best kept secrets get a chance to shine nationally. Guys like Mikkey Halsted, GLC, Freddie Gibbs (Gary, IN) and YP have great followings online, but I'd like to see one of them become a full-fledged household name. I'm ready for that next Chicago act to break through."
Nolen James
Barber continued: Artists like Kanye West, Common, Lupe (pictured) and Twista are all slated to release new projects in '10, with Lupe's being highly anticipated. It's been over two years since his last release and I know they public is ready to see what's up his sleeve. Kanye is always entertaining and the world is ready to see what he'll do next - I'm guessing another classic album. I'm also looking forward to the Cool Kids official debut, 'When Fish Ride Bicycles' , to see a release date.
Fitness trainer Sergio Rojas: "I'm seeing more examples of fitness that involves the family (Wii Fit, DDR, mommy & me yoga; dance classes; martial arts), even fitness that includes the family pet, such as Doggie Yoga and pawsilates. People are getting very creative with fitness and finding ways to make fitness a fun part of family time. It's also a great way to meet people with common interests.
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