From A-Z: Chicago Summer Recap

Summer was cool, but the parties were hot and the festivals sweltering. Herein, an A to Z rundown of Chicago's best moments.

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Summer was cool, but the parties were hot and the festivals sweltering. Herein, an A to Z rundown of Chicago's best moments.
Meredith Gregory
A stands for the Air and Water Show, a huge family event chockablock with American air power.
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B stands for Buehrle, who pitched a perfect game this summer -- and then tanked the rest of the season, along with the rest of his Sox teammates.
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C doesn't stand for the Cubbies, who stunk up the North Side this season. Let's go with City Chase, the fun, urban adventure race that took over the city a couple of weeks ago.
Marcus Riley
D stands for the 1992 Dream Team, who were inducted into the Olympics Hall of Fame in Chicago.
Marcus Riley
E stands for Elton John and Billy Joel, who played two shows at Wrigley Field and inspired some dudes to come out dressed like this.
Marcus Riley
F stands for Food. And when you think food in Chicago, it starts and ends with the Taste of Chicago.
Marcus Riley
H stands for Housewives. We learned this summer that a potential local show is in the works, and then Michigan Avenue Magazine crowned these ladies the Surreal Housewives of Chicago.
Marcus Riley
I is for Italian Beef, and winner of the Golden Local competition, Al's Italian Beef.
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J is for Johnny Depp, who came through Chicago to pimp the movie "Public Enemies."
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K is for Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane, who had quite the eventful summer after pummeling a Buffalo cab driver and leaving some fans wishing he would bring that same ferocity to the ice.
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L is for a rainy, then hot and sweaty Lollapalooza.
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M stands for Market Days, the annual summer festival that takes over Boystown every year.
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N stands for Negotiable, which often seems to be the case when it comes to Illinois politics. Poster boy Rod Blagojevich kept himself in the news all summer long, along with wife Patti, who competed on an NBC reality show.
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Of course, O is for Obama, who started the summer strong, but is now looking at dwindling popularity ratings due to the healthcare debate, ...
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... and Oprah, who always manages to stay in the headlines, including her plan to close part of Michigan Ave. for nearly three days.
P is for Playboy, who we had a lot of fun with this summer, from casting calls, to Lollapalooza parties, to frolicking on the beach with Team Gorgeous (pictured).
Q is for Pat Quinn, whose honeymoon as governor officially ended this summer after taking heat for flip-flopping on the issues.
Meredith Gregory
R is for Rooftops, as in one of the best places to hang out during a Chicago summer. Here's a few.
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S is for the Sox, who despite being in the midst of what looks like a disappointing season, at least won our Golden Local competition for Best Baseball Fans.
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T is for T-Shirts! Here's a roundup of some of the best we found this summer.
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U stands for Upsetting, which pretty much wraps up the Cubs season and any controversy having to do with Milton Bradley.
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V is for Volleywood, the biggest party on the beach all summer, highlighted by a performance by MC Hammer.
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W stands for Wicker Park Fest, one of our favorites for checking out underground music.
Paul Jones
X stands for X-rated -- which there was plenty to choose from this summer. Let's go with the "So You Think You Can Strip" competition at the Admiral Theatre.
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Y is for "Ye," otherwise known as Kanye West, who came home to perform at a benefit concert in honor of the charity his late mother started.
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Z is for Zombies, as in the Zombie Walk and group Thriller dance held in Wicker Park 30 days after Michael Jackson's death.
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