Chicago: It's a Man's World

Windy City ranked best in world for men to call home

Guys, if you had your choice, what city would it be your dream to live in? Barcelona? Cape Town? London? thought it needed to tell Chicago what we already knew -- this is one hell of a city for guys. The webzine just rated the Windy City as tops in the world for men to call home.

We're one of the best sports cities in the world, with all the major leagues covered -- and then some. Our storied teams have deep histories and die-hard fans who live and die by the scoreboard (sometimes literally).

And what guy doesn't love food? From the swank of Charlie Trotter's to the grease of an Italian beef (wet with hot peppers, please), this city has something for every taste.  AskMen even factored in the average cost of a pint of beer.  Chicago came in at $4, which means they probably counted in the PBR special at the Gaslight.

Nightlife, culture, art, beautiful women ... we could go on and on. Cosmopolitan yet with a hometown appeal -- we love ya, Chicago.

AskMen ranked cities by eight categories, including liveability, sports and entertainment, health, power and money, and dating and sex. 

Rounding out AskMen's top five were Barcelona, San Fran, London and Sydney. Take a look at the rest of them here.

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