Chicagoan Says Make Me a Supermodel

Hot Bravo show showcases some local talent

Becoming a supermodel takes more than just having a pretty face, nice physique, and looks that Zoolander himself would rival.

One Chicago native has made it on Bravo's new season of Make Me a Supermodel, which premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Chris, who grew up in Libertyville, began modeling while he was studying fashion design in Los Angeles. He's among the 16 contestants clawing their way on the catwalk for the top prize of $100,000, a modeling contract, and a chance to become the next great supermodel.

"I think what really distinguishes a model from a supermodel is just that kind of extra kick to your personality, to your look, to everything that you know and that you've learned," Chris said. "You kind of have to put that extra edge on yourself to really make you stand out."

Looking back on his experience on the show: "More than anything else it's just exciting for me just because I know that I'm finally moving forward in the industry that I choose to be a part of. So for me that's everything, that's my goal, and that's what I'm going to strive to do from here on out."

Now that the filming is over, we can just watch and see how far Chris goes.  He's back home in Chicago and while working at Zara, a Spanish-owned clothing store, goes on go-sees for modeling gigs.

His next big adventure: moving to New York City.

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