‘Enjoy Your Time Because It Will Be Cut Short': Threatening Text Sent to Chicago Mother Whose Daughter Was Murdered

Latonya Moore says her 26-year-old daughter Shantieya Smith left home with Charlie Booker May 25 but never returned. Her body was later discovered June 7 in a Lawndale garage.

“I actually believe he killed my daughter,” Moore said, adding that she when her daughter didn’t come home she begged Booker in a text to let her know if her daughter was OK. It was when she told Booker she was going to the police, that Booker sent her several threatening texts.

“Enjoy yo time and days becuz they will be cut short. Your days r on a countdown so enjoy ur time and days.” Moore says 24-year-old Booker taunted her sending more texts including “make sure you save all these message so somebody can give it to police.”

Sadaria Davis was also last seen with Charlie Booker on April 27. The 15-year-olds’ body was later discovered in an abandoned apartment May 11. Her family says she too was last seen with Booker.

Booker has not been charged in either murder but Chicago police say he is a person of interest in the Sadaria and Shantieya cases. Police also say they have questioned Booker several times and are now working with his attorney to question him again.

But in July, Booker was charged with stabbing a woman in Garfield Park. He fled to Memphis where he is charged with raping and shooting another woman. Both victims survived and Booker was caught. He has entered a not guilty plea in the Chicago stabbing case but has not entered a plea in the Memphis case.

Reverend Robin Hood has marched with victims' families. He says he warned Chicago police about Booker’s ties to the murder victims, but Booker, a repeat offender, continued to walk the streets.

“There is some type of code with the Chicago police, if you say something like serial killer, it spreads fear and it should,” Rev. Hood said. “People should be afraid when two women were seen with the same man and both of them are dead.”

Court records show Booker was out on bond for a parole violation when the two killings, stabbing, rape and shooting occurred. He’s been convicted of everything from drugs to theft and domestic battery.

Booker’s next court date is in November.

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