Chicago's Glow Gurus

Tanning with the UV rays

When it’s absolutely necessary to don a bikini, we look for last-minute solutions to make the experience a little less excruciating. And nothing yields instant gratification faster than a bronzed glow. Get sprayed from head to toe (sans the orange streaks) at one of these airbrush tanning spots. Your skin will thank you that you didn’t bake in the sun to get a glow, and you’ll be instantly tan from top to bottom. 
The mac-daddy of the Chicago airbrush scene, Ortanic – which houses their studio inside the posh Equinox Fitness club in Lincoln Park – has color down to a science. Go in for the first time and they’ll whip up a custom airbrush “tanning cocktail” just for you, then keep it on file for future visits so you can ensure the perfect color every time. Plus, the intimate, well-heated rooms make stripping down to your skivvies a breeze – always an added bonus. 
La Crème Skincare Boutique
Master esthetician Leah Chavie goes to town to turn you into a tanned piece of art with her brand new airbrush machine. Step into a tent-like contraption while she personally sprays you from head to toe. For a complete experience (and to ensure the most gorgeous tan), the boutique also offers a service where you shower, exfoliate and get airbrushed all in one for the complete package. 
This Lincoln Park makeup haven, which coincidentally looks just like a candy store, had a secret hiding in their private rooms in the back of the space that many people aren’t aware of; a private airbrush tanning service. After you disrobe and don a teeny-tiny paper thong (optional, of course – feel free to go totally buff), a master Benefit tanner sprays you with their special concoction, then lets you dry in front of fans until you’re perfectly bronzed. Go for a full-body tan, a half body tan, or just a face and décolletage tan depending on how much skin you want to show.  
 Brilli Salon, A Style Lounge
When you want a tan like the celebrities, head to Brilli Salon, where technicians go to town with the tanning product of the stars. The South Sea Spray Tan is hand-sprayed by a technician in less than 10 minutes, dries immediately and lasts over a week. The light cucumber melon scent means you won’t leave the salon wreaking of orange tanner (bonus). Brilli also specializes in filling tan lines, masking stretch marks and even hiding a farmer’s tan for all you golfers out there.

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