Chicago Fashion Expert Tweets From Runway Shows

Eric Himel's Twitter page becoming a must-read for local fashionistas

"If you do deign to wear a CAPELET this fall, do not pair it with a CLOCHE, as you risk looking like you are auditioning for NANNY 911."

"The HEADBAND phase is O-V-E-R (Hello? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie!)"

"MEN, Follow these instructions: 1. Go to closet. 2. Remove all leather braided belts. 3. Throw them in the garbage."

These are just a few of the educational, insightful and endlessly humorous Twitter musings of Eric Himel, Chicago stylist and fashion expert. This fabulously opinionated member of the style police tweets from his perch at runway shows ("It wasn't all bad news at Louis Vuitton -- the pre-fall collection is RIGHT-ON, CHIC & WEARABLE.") and anywhere else he happens to be struck by inspiration from the fashion gods ("Do you wear a toe ring? You probably shouldn't unless you're Lisa Bonet."). Hilarious. 

Himel is embracing the great equalizer of social media with his own Web site, as well, which happens to be more businesslike, outlining his background and services, and less snarky, but informative just the same.

And just who is this high minded Eric Himel, you ask? The personal stylist moved to Chicago after 13 years in L.A. to "enhance the Windy City, one person at a time." (Apparently Los Angeles is enhanced enough already.) Himel's services include "Fashion 911," where he will solve your style dilemmas via email or text, "Closet Purge," which is just what it sounds like, personal shopping and styling. If his Twitter tips sound oddly apropos, you might want to consider "The Overhaul," in which Himel will call in the troops (hair, make-up and beauty specialists) for a head-to-toe style makeover.

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