Chicago Crooks on TV: the Newest Reality Show

Bad boys, what you gonna do when the sheriff comes for you?
Crime happens in the city, whether you pay attention to it or not. A glance at Chicago's crime blog shows no neighborhood is immune, no matter how ritzy. 
While some would prefer to remain happily ignorant of the evil-doers around them, the Cook County sheriff hopes to change that. 
Sheriff Tom Dart is launching a new on-demand TV show on Comcast cable aimed at catching the criminals who are hiding from the law.
"Police Blotter on Demand" will highlight six of Chicagoland's most wanted fugitives. Hosted by the sheriff, the show is available on the Comcast On Demand menu, under "Get Local."

Dart said his office has plenty of material to pull from, with more than 43,500 active warrants on file, and the show won't cost his office anything to produce.

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