Chicago City Council Honors Warner Saunders

Storied journalist retired last month

NBC Chicago's own Warner Saunders received a special honor from Chicago's City Council on Wednesday with a resolution congratulating the retired journalist on his storied career.

"We are pleased to congratulate veteran Chicago television journalist on the occasion of his retirement,"

Saunders' career includes time spent as a teacher, community organizer and 20-time Emmy award-winning journlist.

"What do I do now? Channel 5 was automatically turned on at 10:00," said Ald. Dick Mell (33rd). "You and Allison, I think, probably, presented news from the world, the city, the neighborhood better than anybody that I've ever seen on the 10:00 news."

"You are a man of many talents, and your phenominal contributions have really paved the way and have advanced the African-American community, and also the city of Chicago," said Ald. Pat Dowell (3rd).

Here at the station, we've known Saunders as a colleague, but many, even some in the City Council chamber, remember him as a teacher.

"It is just an honor for me to be able to say congratulations on your distinguished career, but to know that, to be able to tell my grandchildren each night as we look at the news, to see you there, and to tell them that this distinguished gentleman taught their grandfather," said Ald. Carrie Austin (34th).

"People do look up to you, besides your height," Mayor Richard Daley joked. "They do look up to you in a sense that, not just an African-American, but I really believe that you represent your profession in a fair and decent and honest manner."

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