Chicago, No. 1 in Labor Day Traffic Tickets

The Second City's first in ... Labor Day weekend traffic tickets? Sonofa.

Chicago's the number one city to avoid in the United States over Labor Day weekend, says the National Motorists Association, beating out Los AngelesWashington D.C., and the entire state of Florida.

The reason for our high ranking's threefold: Chicago has an extensive red-light camera system, brief yellow light intervals, and an irksome parking meter system, says the NMA.

Chicago's red light cameras, placed on over 140 cameras around the city, routinely catch driving scofflaws. Contributing to the red light cams' success -- yellow lights that have only a three second interval, which generates "thousands of red light tickets," says the NMA.

A single camera can generate $800,000 a year in revenue.

Drivers should also avoid Chillicothe and Heath in Ohio (irksome ticketing cameras), Duncanville, Texas (strict right-turn on red policy), and Washington, D.C., where even the street sweepers have cameras.

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