Cheers: The Motorcycle Ride

If you always wanted to shake hands with Norm, this is your chance.  George Wendt is in town this weekend for a charity motorcycle ride started by his brother.

The Green Ribbon Motorcycle Ride and Rally is on Saturday at the Kendall County fairgrounds in Yorkville.  The ride benefits the Walter Payton Liver Center at UIC Medical Center.  The money helps fund research for hepatitis, colon cancer, diabetes and other diseases, and also helps fund organ transplants.

You can just show up and register for $25 the day of the event.  So go out, have a good time, raise a little money for charity and meet that guy who was always on the stool at the end of the bar.

In Wendt's honor, we thought we'd include our favorite moment from the final episode of Cheers:

Norm: "You know what I think the most important thing in life is?  It's love.  You wanna know what I love?"

Sam: "Beer, Norm?"

Norm: "Sure, I'll have a quick one."

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