Cheat Sheet

A guide to faking it: a must-read list of articles that will wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you seem smart

  • What's the best way to get to Russia? Through the wallets of Kremlin-connected oligarchs. As diplomatic relations between Russia and the West deteriorate, EU officials say its time to put pressure on the Russian business community in Europe.  
  • Mamma mia! Budget cuts in Italy have left art institutions nearly destitute with barely enough money "to keep the lights on or pay for cleaning staff."
  • Once billed as "The People's Car," India's new Nano car may be compact and cheap but it certainly doesn't have mass appeal. The Nano plant was forced to shut down this week when hoards of protesters descended on the factory.  
  • An ex-official at Halliburton pleaded guilty to orchestrating $180 million in bribes to Nigerian government officials.
  • A mathematical strategy helps a small California high school football team stay competitive and win games. Its "A-11 offense" makes all team members eligible receivers.
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