Cheat Sheet

A guide to faking it: a must-read list of articles to wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you seem smart.

  • GPS devices have been used to crack a number of  criminal cases across the nation.  The prevalence of such systems in cars and cell phones to track suspects.
  • New findings show that ancient Brazil was a bustling urban center before the Europeans got to it. The cities, which lasted for roughly 1000 years, incorporated large plazas and artificial ponds for fish farming into their urban design.  
  • Scientists were recently able to 'reprogram' cells -- opening up new possibilities to treat diabetes, heart and brain defects. 
  • Subliminal messages actually do work some of the time. The first evidence that the technique can be successful was released yesterday.
  • Researches have finally discovered the art of accurately swatting flies -- and the science behind it.
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