Welcome to Chat with Matt

Hello friends. It's Matt Rodewald from our NBC 5 Traffic Plus Center, venturing into the unknown world of blogging!! Who's excited? This guy right here!

Now don't you worry. I don't plan on infringing on the blog written by the great Ben Bowman (he's great because he told me so, you're welcome). His blog is one of a kind, great writing, hilarious comedy, very informative, etc. My tales come from a different wing of the NBC 5 world and shouldn't disturb the material for our award-winning producer's blog.

The BIG news is I'll be chatting from time to time, LIVE during the NBC 5 News Today broadcast online. As of now, we'll go for about a half-hour at 5:30, and I'll do my best to let everyone know ahead of time. But be sure to check in and say hello whenever you can!

I'm planning on talking about what goes behind the scenes with me and in the Traffic Lounge. I'll answer the burning questions like...Who are those people behind you? What do they do? What goes on in there? etc. "Those people" have names and faces, we might actually show them to you aside from the usual tomfoolery on Dance Friday.

Also, we'll give you an idea of how we gather all that traffic information. There's just so much technology that makes it easier than ever and it's a credit to Traffic.com (a Navteq company). Plus, I'll bring up the issues that you and I deal with on an everyday basis. Everything from parking meters or the CTA to safety tips in dangerous weather or proper etiquette in leaving a stadium parking lot.

Of course we'll take your submissions for Thursday Traffic Trivia and song requests for Dance Friday too.
So post a comment whenever or feel free to drop me an email at Matt@nbc5.com

See you next time!

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