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Asha SalonSpa presents modern-day etiquette classes for girls

In what might seem like a throwback, Asha SalonSpa has introduced etiquette classes for girls and young women at its Shops on Butterfield Lombard location. But lest you have ideas of girls prancing around with books on their heads (or worse, of Sharon Osbourne or Ricki Lake chastising them a la "Charm School"), this is a thoroughly modern and useful take on the notion.

"The Art of Etiquette for Young Women" (for girls grade 1 through 6) and "The Art of Etiquette for Teen Girls" (for grades 7 through 12) will teach women respect and self-confidence through interactive exercises. Each are two-class series that build self-esteem through the mastering of social skills. Topics to be covered include Visual Poise (good posture, proper sitting and standing positions, walking gracefully), First Impressions (introductions, conversations and interviewing skills for older girls), Style and Grooming (skin and hair care, exercise, nutrition, fashion tips and makeup for teens) and Dining Skills (table manners, being a good guest and hostess, and tipping etiquette for teen girls). And, really, who couldn't use a crash course in any of these topics, no matter what your age?

"The Art of Etiquette for Young Women" will be held from 2-3PM on Monday, Aug. 10 and Monday, Aug. 17, and "The Art of Etiquette for Teen Girls" will take place from 2-3PM on Tuesday, Aug. 4 and Tuesday, Aug. 11. The cost is $20 for the two-class series.

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