Cash For (Fashion) Clunkers

Save money, still look stylish

If you're a dude who likes to rock a loose and baggy polo, it's time to listen up.

That's because Ralph Lauren now makes his classic polo shirt in a cut called "Custom Fit." If you run into any Ralph Lauren Polo store right now, every color of the custom fit polo is on sale for $37.49, marked down from $75. It comes in up to 15 colors, so you're bound to find several you love.

As the name suggests, it's cut much closer to the body than the sloppy polo shirts of yore, which way too many of you are still wearing, and which make you look oh so 2000 and late when you could be looking oh so 3008.

The custom fit has a higher armhole, natural shoulder and runs trimmer and shorter throughout the body. This means it makes you look leaner, trimmer and completely in the know about how a shirt -- any shirt, including a polo -- should fit right now.

It doesn't matter if you're 5 or 95, everyone looks completely appropriately dressed in a Ralph Lauren polo shirt, whether you pair it with a nice pair of jeans and loafers or shorts and flip flops. Pick a flattering color and you're an instant style icon. (Just don't tuck it your pants and wear a belt with it, grandpa.)

Speaking of deals, Saks Fifth Avenue is offering a consolidation sale in the Chicago Michigan Avenue store on Thursday, which means an additional 25 percent off the last markdown price in both the men's and women's departments for a total of 75 percent off. Most of the merchandise is pretty well picked over, but you never know. (There's still a great selection of men's shoes, though!)

Tom Kolovos is the creator of the and a contributor to the NBC Chicago Street Team blog.

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