Carrots are 24-Karat at the Green City Market

July's "Savor the Seasons" Carrot Fest takes place at the market this week

Who doesn't love carrots? They're good for our eyes, they're a happy orange color and rabbits dig 'em. Now you can learn different ways of preparing the refrigerator staple beyond the ol' standard veggie dip at this week's Green City Market. The monthly "Savor the Seasons" series presents Carrot Fest from 9:30-10:30AM on Wednesday, July 29.

"Savor the Seasons" seeks to highlight market products at the height of their season. It's carrots' time to shine in July, with chef demonstrations and tastings taking place at the Green City Market. Working their magic with the popular root vegetable will be John Manion of Goose Island Brewpub in Lincoln Park, Mark Steuer of Hot Chocolate in Bucktown and Paul Fehribach of Big Jones in Andersonville. For an example of just how creative you can get with carrots, Fehribach will be whipping up a carrot salad with summer apples and spearmint for your viewing and drooling pleasure.

The chefs will also provide a veggie education by offering tips, techniques and take-home materials to teach guests how to select, prepare and store produce to extend the lifespan of the season's best bounties.

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