Cards Blago Might Like

These BLEEPin' greeting cards are BLEEPin' awesome

Thrillist drew our attention to this quirky greeting card and stationery web site 16 Sparrows that peddles the most BLEEPin' hilarious cards we've seen in some time. Sure, they look classy with their intricate designs and sophisticated color schemes, but upon closer examination of the calligraphy greeting, you'll see they're a bit, shall we say, rough around the edges?  ''Happy BLEEPing Birthday!''  ''Happy BLEEPing Holidays!''  ''CongratuBLEEPinglations!''  For the sensitive soul in your life, send the slightly less disarming ''Suck it up, crybaby!'' card.  Perhaps Blago would like to send this one to the Illinois General Assembly: ''Thanks a BLEEPing Bunch!''  One card and envelope will cost you $4; get a set of 8 cards and envelopes for $20.  Or spring for the combo pack of 10 cards for $25, because there's a BLEEPin' card for every BLEEPin' occasion.

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