Car Turns Cell Phone Store Into Drive-Thru

An elderly woman apparently couldn't wait to get her Palm Pre from a Calumet Park cell phone store. She only suffered a few scratches, but the store didn't fare so well.

The woman drove her car right into the store, smashing the front windows and stopping completely inside.  Employees Jesus Leal Jr. and Rich Kelly were inside when they got the surprise of their lives (watch the video at left to see what we mean).

“It was a complete shock ... they helped her out of the car and 30 seconds later police and fire dept got all here,” Kelly said.

“The best way I can put it is when you’re watching a movie and you see a car go through a display, it’s everything’s in slow motion. You didn’t look, you just see glass shattered everywhere,” Leal said.

The store, at 12842 S. Ashland Ave., is getting ready to release the new Palm Pre on Saturday. They said they'll clean up and hope to be able to reopen by 8 a.m.

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