Ruffing it With Your Pooch

If you're a serious dog lover, perhaps you've taken your pooch on vacation.   But, have you ever gone on a vacation specifically designed for dogs?

Twice a year, Camp Dogwood, located about an hour from Chicago, offers weekend getaways chock full of activities for dogs and their owners.  Everything from sports, training/recreation, lectures/discussions, relaxation, even dancing!

"We have designed our program to be reminiscent of sleep away camp, keeping dog-related interests in mind, and afford adults a unique travel destination with their dogs," says co-founder Alysa Slay.

Slay and Dave Eisendrath opened Camp Dogwood nine years ago, and had no idea how popular the concept would be. 

"Camp Dogwood not only provides a bonding experience for people and their dogs, but proved you can teach an old dog (or person) new tricks," says Eisendrath.

Applications are now being accepted for the winter session, which will be held mid January 2009.

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