Calling All Toys R Us Kids!

Toys R Us offers trade-in discounts

We know, we know, you don’t want to grow up – but once you have, Toys 'R' Us will give you a discount for trading in some of those old baby products.

The toy store instituted a trade-in program that offers 20-percent discounts on new items from selected manufacturers to any customer who brings in old and used baby products, according to the store's site.

Types of products that Toys 'R'' Us is accepting include cribs, bassinets, high chairs and strollers.

With this program Toys 'R Us hopes to take a large amount of unsafe and recalled baby products out of circulation.

Friday marks the beginning of the discount program, which will run until September 20.

So come on, Toys 'R' Us kids: cough up the goods and start saving.

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