Calling All Redheads

Redhead Piano Bar seeks redhead for new ads


The list of famous sexy redheads is endless -- Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman -- and of course, Carrot Top.

Chicagoans are also familiar with the redheaded gal that adorns the sign at downtown's Redhead Piano Bar, who may or may not have been actually inspired by a real person.

But a real live person will soon be the face of the popular bar as they embark on a search for a "fun, fabulous redhead" to appear in their new ad in a future issue of Michigan Avenue Magazine.

The search for "The Ultimate Redhead" takes place on Sept. 17 at The Redhead Piano Bar (16 West Ontario St.) between 6 - 8 p.m.

And don't worry if you're not a real redhead -- dyed versions are also welcome.

The competition will be judged by notable locals Lou Canellis, Susanna Negovan, Kelli Zink and the audience.

RSVP to by September 15 or click here for more information.

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