BYOB of the Week: Sushi X

If you like too cool-for-school surroundings to go along with your sushi (think tucked-away black facade, metallic ceiling, electric blue walls and pumping techno music), you'll love Sushi X, a sleek West Town resto-lounge (there's also one in Lakeview, but we're partial to the original). Sushi X is best known for its maki, including traditional hamachi, smoked salmon and unagi rolls, as well as the more-out-there "inside out" style (like the tempting "yellow jacket" with hamachi, shiitake, avocado, wasabi mayo and mango on the outside) and "mega" varieties (such as the dense "double stack," which features tuna, yellowtail, salmon, spicy mayo, masago, cilantro, jalapeno, avocado, chili oil and lemon juice). 

Sushi X serves Japanese iced coffees and green teas for the teetotalers in your group; for the rest of you, there's Di Carlo's Grand & Western, a sprawling, family-owned liquor store that's been open since the 1930s. Pick up a bottle of the crisp, affordable Diablita Blanca, a tasty blend of sauvignon blanc, semillon, viognier and riesling from Sonoma County that pairs well with the spicier rolls at Sushi X. The wine will set you back about $14 a bottle, and there's no corkage fee at Sushi X.

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