Buy Lip Balm, Save the Rainforest

Buy some lip balm, save the rainforest. Seems like a crazy notion, but it's true. Save Your World is one of the leading conservation groups in the nation and they are making it easy to …well, save your world.

Already responsible for preserving some 200,000 acres of rainforest, Save Your World offers an unbelievable, tangible result for its clients, said President and Founder Scott Cecil.

"We make all natural general care products to generate funds for our conservation missions," he said.

Each bottle of lotion, each tube of lip balm or any other one of their products equals one acre of rainforest preserved for one year!  This dedication to global community is found in locations that carry Save Your World products like Allyu Spa in River North.

"Allyu is a Quechua word means community. It's the belief that if each person uses their gifts and gives then community is organically created and sustained," owner Tamara Wills said. 

Save Your World products are also carried at Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shop and can be found online. Either way, next time you find yourself pampering you, meditate on two birds, one stone.

"What's lost there is felt here. The rainforest is the single greatest source of air that we breathe. It harbors the ingredients of today's medicines and tomorrows medicines," Cecil said.  "We like to say they are affordable luxuries. You can pamper yourself today in the economy, every day, and do something good for the environment. And really, all of our products are under $20."

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