But You Guys Already Did That Song?

Dance Friday was to the tune of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." This choice set of a chorus of questions mostly sounding like this...

"Wait? Didn't you guys do that already?"

The answer is yes, back on January 30th, and Stanley Burrell joined us himself via satellite at the Super Bowl. But this time, a group of 4th graders really, really, really wanted to dance to it in studio. I'm pretty sure none of them were alive when Hammer was even close to being cool. So we honored the request of the kids from Park View Elementary School in Glen Ellyn, they came down and danced, plus Hammer wasn't there to ruin it for all of us with his "nah, I'm cool, no thanks" attempt at dancing.

You may have noticed a few people sitting at the anchor's desk and "participating" so to speak. I did too. This guy isn't happy. Zoraida can dance and you're all being deprived of her slick moves. I think you should all email her to ask when she'll get her groove back.

Back in the Traffic Lounge, I decided to jump on the top railing near the monitors in the traffic studio and almost hurt myself in process. (But it looked cool sliding across the desk) Righthand Man Jim has been trying to convince people to jump up there and dance, and sure enough I took the bait. Once the dancing commenced, Jim and Weekend Reporter/Dancing Upstart Cassidy joined in as usual.

Who decided to keep working? Oh, that would be Kim. She doesn't dance. Sorry, I've tried.

Anyway, I'll be off next week, and the lovely Sarah Jindra will be here in my place. Time for me to hit the road (a little college basketball road trip in the snow this weekend) and time for me to get some sun (destination clue: the happiest place on Earth!). So be nice to Sarah and you'll be able to Chat with Matt just in time for March Madness!!

Have a great weekend!

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