Bulls Fail First Overtime Test

Del Negro struggles with strategy in bonus basketball

There are all sorts of "firsts" going on for the Bulls these days. They're sort of like the "FIRSTS!" in the worst comment sections on the internet, except slightly more meaningful.

For example: The Bulls just finished their first circus trip of the Vinny Del Negro-Derrick Rose era, and, hey, it went OK. The Bulls won three and lost four, and as far as circus trips go. Another example: Derrick Rose just had his first "Oh my GOD, he really is that good," highlight reel, the first time non-Bulls fans could legitimately revel in the things he does with wherever he gets all that natural basketball talent.

The latest first was last night at home vs. Philadelphia, when the Bulls found themselves in OT for the first time since Del Negro took over. The result? Not good, as Blog a Bull -- whose headline reads "Not the worst game I've seen, but that's only because I'm a Bulls fan so I see a lot of garbage," sums up:

Vinny did some good and bad ... But man did he stink up overtime. (it even started out bad, why have Gooden take the tip and not Tyrus?) I realize this is the typical coachy' thing to do, but it was completely daft to ride the same lineup through the entire overtime just because they're the ones who got you there. Especially since it involved Andres Nocioni on Andre Iguodala. What's the sense in that?

There were other issues -- leaving Luol Deng on the bench, for example -- but Blog a Bull also leaves the caveat that the bad play of the previous 48 minutes was worse than anything that happened in OT, which is also true. But as far as overtime debuts go, Del Negro, and the Bulls, could have done an awful lot better.

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