Bulls and Sixers To Meet in First Round

And Evan Turner gets his wish.

DRose vs Evan Turner

The reasoning behind Evan Turner's recent comments about wanting to face the Bulls in the first round of the NBA playoffs were largely missed by everyone outside Chicago.

On the surface it appeared that Turner was implying his Sixers would rather not face the Miami Heat given their 1-11 record against them over the past two years. And while part of that may be true, the underlying reason behind Turner's comments dates all the way back to when the two were in high school and a sort of rivalry developed, at least on the part of Turner.

Michael O'Brien of the Chicago Sun-Times has the back story.

"It started, at least publicly, in March of 2007. It was of one of the biggest games of the year, a showdown between Simeon and St. Joseph at Northwestern. Rose was regarded as the top player in the state. Turner was challenging Rose for player of the year honors. At halftime, standing near center court, Turner said “Derrick Rose ain’t [crap]. Not everyone heard it, and it didn’t seem to be directed at anyone in particular, but it was unmistakable."

D. Rose has always taken the high road -- publicly at least -- in Turner's one-sided feud with him, and he hasn't had to say much. His career accomplishments in high school, college and now in the NBA, have all spoken for themselves.

But Turner asked for the Bulls and now he's going to get them.

Philly and Chicago have spilt their head-to-head matchups, 3-3, over the past two seasons and the Bulls host the Sixers at the United on Staurday at, of course, high noon.

First Round Schedule: Bulls vs. 76ers

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