Bringing Down Colts' Old House

Indianapolis landmark dome imploded

An Indianapolis landmark came crashing down in just seconds Saturday as crews imploded the RCA Dome.

The mid-December weather proved perfect for the implosion, the culmination of nearly a year of demolition to the former home of the Colts.

"We got up this morning and saw the wind was from the northwest, a slight breeze that's just perfect," said Tom Scheele of Sheil Sexton, the company in charge of the demolition.

An hour before the blast, police closed off streets surrounding the dome.

More than 600 pounds of dynamite placed in 875 positions on four levels of the dome were lit, starting the implosion.

It took 10 seconds before the concrete structure started to fall and about 20 until the walls came tumbling down.

"Textbook. Really excited about it," Scheele said.

"Everything looks really good," Mark Loizeaux, president of Controlled Demolition Inc., said after the stadium was brought down. "I'm actually surprised the debris is as low as it is."

The protective tarps that had been wrapped around neighboring buildings were quickly removed to check for damage.

A steel beam penetrated the convention center's loading dock, damage which demolition crews consider minor.

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