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RawDog, a new organic pet food store, caters to your pooch’s palate

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You’ve tried every diet from macrobiotic to vegan. Then you come home and open a bag of generic kibble for Fido.

Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the – er – pooch, too. That’s why RawDog opened at 1212 W. Monroe Street. The store carries natural food that does not contain animal byproducts or fillers. 

According to the folks at RawDog, the first ingredients listed on your pet’s food bag should be meat proteins, not grains like wheat or corn. When you think about it, dogs wouldn’t be chowing down on corn-on-the-cob in the wild.

Like a Whole Foods for dogs – the store is clean, organized and stocked with brands from California Natural to Innova. They’ll even deliver. 

So, if Fido’s physique is going to the dogs, take him for a run at Skinner Park, then head one block east to RawDog.

But don’t stay too long, or he might want to spend the night at the adjoining Pooch Hotel. (Think Four Seasons for dogs – there’s a play area and a pool.)

Even we’re drooling.

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