Body Found in Humboldt Park Lagoon

(STNG) -- A woman taking her daily walk discovered the body of an apparently homeless man in the Humboldt Park lagoon Friday morning on the West Side.

At 8:10 a.m. the noticed the body of a Hispanic man who appeared to be 30-50 in the lagoon near 1401 N. Humboldt Dr., according to Shakespeare District police Capt. Marc Buslik.

She had walked past the same place Thursday morning but didn’t notice anything in the icy lagoon, but in Friday’s warmth, the ice had apparently melted and the body “came up,’’ according to the captain.

Firefighters were able to recover the body.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office was notified of the death of an unidentified white man but no further information was available immediately.

The man appeared to be homeless because he had several layers of clothing on, Buslik said. He did not have any signs of violence to his body and is considered a “John Doe.’’

Police News Affairs Officer Daniel O'Brien said the officers from the Marine Unit also responded.

Grand Central Area detectives are conducting a death investigation.

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